Shawez Shaikh, a Tech Field Entrepreneur Running a Web and Application Development Startup Expertising in E-commerce, Healthcare and Agriculture Sector

Shawez has progressed from an academically weak student to become the most promising entrepreneur today due to his hard work and by  working on his communication skills.

Shawez Shaikh is the co-founder of Maven Cluster Software Pvt. Ltd. His company offers website and software development services. The Company’s major clients include Swiggy, Infosys, Deloitte, and many more. He has been running this company for the past eight years.


About Childhood

Speaking about his childhood, Shawez says that he is from Sarangpur, a very small tehsil in MP. Recalling his school days there, he says he received supplementary education until the fifth grade and then continued his education until the end of the tenth grade. He was an introverted child. When he moved to Indore for the rest of his education, he realized the value of communication. He worked extremely hard to improve his communication skills. He began working in cafés and BPOs in the eleventh grade to improve his communication skills.


Professional Journey

Describing his professional journey, Shawez says he wanted in-person interaction to enhance his communication. For this, he started giving interviews by watching advertisements in newspapers. Approximately 100 of his interviews resulted in rejections, but he persisted, and eventually he stopped receiving rejections at all. He won first place in his college for his master’s degree. He then received his first job offer in Gurugram in Human Resource Management. However, he moved to sales for quick growth after working in HRM for a while. Then, along with the job, he started teaching personality development and communication classes in various institutes. After spending years in the industry, he thought of starting his own start-up.


Biggest Mistake

Describing his mistakes, Shawez says that his biggest mistake was over-excitement. He says that he got over excited and thought that the team should be bigger, so he made his team bigger. But when his company could not generate that much revenue, he realized his mistake. Apart from this, it was a mistake to take on big projects and not be able to complete them on time. Now, he is moving ahead by taking lessons from the mistakes he has made in his business.

When asked about his accomplishments, Shawez says that his company has had the opportunity to work with many big names such as Swiggy and Infosys, which he considers to be his achievement. He has received the Most Promising Entrepreneur of India award in 2020 from The Times of India. He says he is extremely proud when major corporations recommend his name to other businesses and views the trust of his customers as his greatest achievement.


Advises for Startups

He advises the youth to wait until they have experience in the industry before getting into startups because they are a bubble. He says that many young people enthusiastically get involved in it without any experience or knowledge but quickly give up. He believes that this is why, rather than blindly following large MNCs, they should launch their startups after conducting extensive research and gaining work experience in the field.

When asked about his role models, Shawez says that he considers his late father as his role model. He says that his father has always guided and supported him. And he also considers his family as his biggest supporter and mentor. He also considers books as his mentors too. Besides  Michael Schumacher, he draws inspiration from McDonald’s founder, Raymond Albert Kroc and other business leaders.


Social Activities

Shawez says that social activities make him happy. He is a good anchor and is also associated with an FM channel where he anchors many events. He also occasionally runs a number of social awareness campaigns. He has also received awards for his social campaign for traffic safety and road responsibilities. He also visits the orphanage and renders his services there.

Shawez’s life mantra is to love yourself, and then people will love you.

Shawez advises the youth that if you make your hobby your profession, then your success rate will be high. A person should do something on which his mind is focused and in which he is an expert.


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