FemmeUp wants to promote its female wellness products in Latin America

FemmeUp is a company focused on improving women’s well-being by marketing food supplements and natural food supplements made in Catalan laboratories.

The proposal was born in 2022 and promoted by Marcel Lewin, an expert in women’s health, and Jou López, with 17 years of experience in the field of women’s well-being. After two years of research, the founders felt the need to “develop a project that pays attention to a social taboo such as female libido”.


The cradle of FemmeUp is Juno housethe first social club for women that opened its doors in Barcelona in 2021 and that has promoted the Networking between women. 60% of the company’s capital is female so that “the company develops conceptually female”. The co-founder emphasizes that several of the partners who nurtured the company emerged from Juno House and that their collaboration was a key factor in the investment startup Catalan


FemmeUp has raised 70,000 euros in funding since it was founded. The startup catalana manufactures 180,000 tablets a year and plans to increase it tenfold by 2023. Market demand in Latin America prompts FemmeUp to bet on doubling its sales figures by 2024. The company currently sells its products – half online and half in pharmacies – across Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Argentina, Chile and Panama.


In the beginning, the burgeoning company was intended solely as a digital project, but the censorship of social networks on topics such as female libido harmed them in marketing their products. “Women must be treated equally with men in the health sector,” explains co-founder Jou López, pointing out the lack of sex education in society.


Its products and services do not speak of pathologies or cures for diseases, but treat the symptoms before health problems due to hormonal changes or a decrease in libido as an indicator of health. At FemmeUp, they address sleep problems, tiredness, exhaustion, dryness, sleep disorders, lack of concentration or menopausal symptoms with products and services.


López points out that the positioning of their products on the web worked very well and allowed them to reach pharmacies. “FemmeUp as a health center was spectacularly successful. There are pharmacies specializing in the women’s health corner, and this is a very important step forward,” emphasizes López. “What we also taught the women a lot is to recognize the source of the problem and take action,” adds the co-founder of the up-and-coming company.


The startup offers its products along with a follow-up and follow-up service for customers, which has a team of nutritionists, physiotherapists, sexologists and gynecologists. “This is also a mission; bring the sexologist’s therapy closer to the population,” explains López. The company offers six products, three of which are based solely on female libido; the capsules that solve 95% of your hair loss, the nutrition so that women who are breastfeeding can also consume the product, and in addition they offer a more stimulating version in drop format.


Company Website : femmeup.es

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