Kishan Bhatt | dcycle | From Dropout to CEO: A Journey of Resilience, Determination, and Global Success in Design.

I began my career journey at the age of 19, but due to financial constraints, I had to drop out of my B.Tech program. My main motivation was to support my family. I started with an internship and, within six months, secured a role as a creative designer at IndiaNIC.


Over the next three years, I continued working as a designer while also resuming my B.Tech education, which I had put on hold. This decision was driven by my family, as they were my primary source of inspiration. In 2016, I faced a significant personal challenge when I lost both my parents within a year. Their memory and the promise I made to them served as a powerful motivator to continue my education and career.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought yet another obstacle. I lost my right eye due to ICT syndrome, a harrowing experience. However, I remained determined and resilient, restarting my career despite the setback. In 2021, I achieved a personal milestone by getting married, a testament to my ability to overcome challenges and find happiness amidst adversity. Today, I proudly hold the title of Founder and CEO of Dcycle Design Studio, a testament to my entrepreneurial spirit and relentless pursuit of my dreams.


In just one year, our team at Dcycle Design Studio has grown to include 10 dedicated professionals. Our reach extends far beyond local boundaries, with clients spanning the globe, from the USA and Dubai to Australia and Bangalore.
My journey is a story of unwavering determination, resilience in the face of adversity, and the pursuit of my dreams. It serves as an inspiration to others to keep moving forward, no matter the obstacles they encounter.


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