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Founder at Desuvit | Co-founder CTO at Betty24 GmBH | Driving Innovation with Custom Software & SaaS Development Solutions | Expert in Healthcare, Fintech, E-commerce, Logistics, and MarTech


Sunil Khatri is an Oslo, Norway-based technopreneur, a visionary leader, and a driving force behind the success of numerous businesses in the ever-evolving realms of business and technology. With an unwavering passion for solving complex challenges and simplifying intricate technical crossroads, Sunil has become a catalyst for transformation and growth.


He is the founder of Desuvit AS, an IT company, Desuvit and is the CTO and co-founder of a Germany-based company, Betty 24, an online healthcare service booking platform.


Company Information

Desuvit AS is a Norway-based IT solutions company serving clients across Europe with an offshore development center in India. With 15+ years of experience, we offer ace SaaS Solutions, Mobile App Development, Custom software development, Web development, and Turnkey Solutions for various industries.


What Motivates Him

Motivated by a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit, Sunil embarked on his journey after witnessing the dedication and success of his father, a respected businessman. From the outset, Sunil understood that a deep understanding of business challenges is paramount before charting a strategic course toward technical solutions.


Building upon this inspiration, Sunil co-founded Betty24, a Healthcare SaaS solution company, before establishing Desuvit—a trailblazing software development company with a global presence spanning Norway and India.


Delivering Value-Added Results

Sunil’s unique approach, years of experience, and expertise have yielded remarkable results, positioning him as a trusted advisor and strategist for businesses seeking to maximize their potential. His in-depth understanding of software development phases and operations in diverse tech companies has contributed to countless enterprises’ profitability, efficiency, and innovation by meticulously planning and executing each step.


Through Desuvit, Sunil and his team provide a range of services, including advisory, guidance, and the implementation of cutting-edge technological solutions.


Under his mentorship, the company has delivered various healthcare, fintech, logistics, and e-commerce projects. Desuvit built an Idea from scratch into a SaaS solution for a fintech Client, ‘Silkroute.’The pleased founder of the company -Amit Shrivastava, Says, “We just had an idea to simplify the Export-Import business and provide a tech platform & Desuvit team built it brick by brick. The Platform is loved by users for its simplicity & security.”


Sunil Khatri

Core Competencies & Journey so far

His journey has been marked by valuable lessons learned along the way. He understands the importance of developing minimum viable products (MVPs) to quickly enter the market and gain a competitive edge.


Recognizing the power of an API-first approach, Sunil has championed the development of future-proof, scalable systems that stand the test of time. He has embraced the significance of cloud migration, scalability, and availability, ensuring businesses are prepared for the digital demands of today and tomorrow.


Connect to Explore Infinite Possibilities!

Sunil has provided businesses with the tools and strategies to unlock their full potential. And is the partner you need if your business is poised for transformation. His unwavering commitment to your success and expertise in SaaS solution development, building tech teams, and strategic roadmap planning ensures a transformative journey toward growth and prosperity. With Sunil’s guidance, you can overcome obstacles, maximize your technological investments, and embrace a future of unlimited possibilities.


Embark on your success story today. Reach out to Sunil and experience firsthand the power of technology-driven growth. Together, you can transform your business and leave an indelible mark on your industry. Our expert team is passionate about IT and dedicated to solving your business problems efficiently while ensuring quality.


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