Astounding Journey Of Akanksha Singh- Founder And CEO Of OTUSONE IT Services & Consultancy

To some extent, we need to change the definition of ‘IT entrepreneur’. When we use the term ‘IT entrepreneur’, we often think of someone doing something in the area of software or hardware. A person operating a cell- phone business or a person selling baked goods over the Internet is also an IT entrepreneur. We need to look at how people are using technology to accomplish their business goals as a way to define ‘IT entrepreneur’ and not define IT entrepreneurship ONLY by the products that they are selling.

The single most important thing that we need to do is to redraft our social definition of success, which is currently defined as the amount of wealth one accumulates. If the currency we collect is the only symbol of success, we lose sight of the path we take to amass the wealth and focus only on the end result. We need to find a way to reward failure, risk-taking, integrity, passion, and contribution to society as all these form part of defining the true net worth of the person. We need to place more emphasis on the quality of the journey and not just on the singular end goal defined in monetary terms.

“Life is like the monkey bars: you have to let go to move forward. Once you decide to leap into entrepreneurship, be sure to loosen your grasp on old concepts so you can swing your way to new ones.” – Leah Busque (American entrepreneur)

But moving forward is not as easy as it sounds. A strong force is required to have that attitude of go-getters. For Akanksha Singh the inspiration is something that is one of the major problems every country across the globe is facing. Unemployment is the biggest inspiration of her entrepreneurial journey. Of course, her passion and drive to create something unique and different, something new, and to experience the growth of the creation are there to the highest level.

“When I was younger, it was the money that was inspiring me the most, but you can feel proud of your accomplishments without making the big bucks. I believe it does not matter what or where you get your inspiration from, but how you are going to use the inspiration to create something meaningful.” – Akanksha Singh

Starting the journey

Whether you’re still working on your business plan or have just launched your startup, take some time to read about how other founders started out and succeeded. Such lessons can give you the necessary guidance to help establish your business direction. This task can be daunting in the beginning, when there are no previous first-hand best practices or learnings you can rely on. A competitive advantage is a basic business principle widely researched point of differentiation against competitors. Whether it’s about the individuals you hire on your team or about the way you promote your product, as long as you stand out from the crowd, you’re on the road to success.

As per Akanksha Singh “Motivation very rarely leads to success — vision, passion and sheer determination to make it happen will do.”. Your own strengths that make you a unicorn in a sea of donkeys – whether that’s time management, organizational or research skills, or mathematics prowess (just to name a few) – never be afraid to leverage them in your entrepreneurial journey.

Akanksha Singh is A Founder and CEO of the IT company, OTUSONE. The company understands the state-of-the-business-art technologies that define the future and can serve as an efficient services transformation catalyst for the clients! The company’s inception was in the year 2020. OTUSONE is one of the fastest-growing IT companies in India. It has multiple branches in India and working on digital development, cloud computing, big data, and many other latest technologies and providing the best services in the market like web development, software development, mobile applications, including all IT services.


The core members of the company consist of:

  • Akanksha Singh   – Founder & CEO
  • Aparna Singh       – HR- Director
  • Himani Gupta       – Managing Director
  • Ankit Singh           -CFO
  • Akeshwar Datta    – President


Quality service matters a lot

Service quality is a measure of how an organization delivers its services compared to the expectations of its customers. Customers purchase services as a response to specific needs. They either consciously or unconsciously have certain standards and expectations for how a company’s delivery of services fulfills those needs. A company with high service quality offers services that match or exceed its customers’ expectations. Such is the way of thinking with Akanksha. Pursuing a strategy of differentiation is not just elusive for a professional services firm, it’s actually a flawed way of thinking. The only thing we can give is the quality of services. OTUSONE is never compromising with quality even working at a loss if the situation demands.


The five dimensions of service quality are:

  1. Reliability: This refers to an organization’s ability and consistency in performing a certain service in a way that satisfies its customers’ needs. And a company’s success usually depends on its ability to meet those expectations.
  2. Tangibility: This is an organization’s ability to portray service quality to its customers.
  3. Empathy: Empathy is how an organization delivers its services in a way that makes the company seem empathetic with its customer’s desires and demands.
  4. Responsiveness: This is a company’s dedication and ability to provide customers with prompt services.
  5. Assurance: Assurance is the confidence and trust that customers have in a certain organization.



OTUSONE is a groundbreaking firm in the realm of software development with dedicated deliverance of iOS and Android mobile application development, website development, and digital marketing-related solutions.


Services offered by OTUSONE are:

  • Website Designing
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • E-Commerce Development
  • SEO
  • Graphic Design

The biggest challenge according to Akanksha that she faced is to learn to deal with uncertainty. She learned to cope with this by really enjoying the moment. As an entrepreneur, you’ll get to meet amazing people and (usually) work with state-of-the-art technology and incredibly fresh ideas. Just enjoy that. We all want to make money out of our ventures, but if that doesn’t work, at least you’ll have an amazing experience to cherish.


Why OTUSONE name was selected for the new venture

It’s never easy to name a company, OTUSONE. The team had a really hard time finding the right name for their venture. Then they thought about actual work and found that they are essentially hearing out the client’s problems and giving them the best solutions, so the word that first came to mind was OTUS.


Company Culture at OTUSONE

Company culture isn’t something that can be “created.”

What it means is, you don’t set the rules or write up a company handbook, and then all of a sudden, you’re “done.” Culture constantly evolves. For example, the culture of your company with you and your co-founder is going to be different than you, your co-founder, and five employees, or ten employees, or fifty employees. It changes as you grow, as you reach new milestones of success, and as you go through times of difficulty and transition with one another.

In short, your company’s culture has to be nurtured over a very long period of time. Your company culture defines the way in which your business interacts with one another and how the team interacts with the outside world, specifically your customers.

Unfortunately, most of the business world still thinks about culture as either being about Foosball tables and craft beer, or Starbucks gift cards and company lunches—when in reality, these aren’t the things that define your organization, nor are they the things your employees will appreciate most about where they work.

When trying to cultivate company culture:

  • Identify people who share their long-term ethos and values.
  • Look beyond the person’s resume.
  • Create an environment that encourages people to run with things on their own.
  • Create an Enjoyable Atmosphere
  • Empower Your Employees
  • Provide Opportunities for Continuous Learning

Success for an entrepreneur

Businesses don’t just start themselves, and for every successful business, at some point, someone took matters into their own hands and took a leap. Do you have a great idea? A unique eCommerce vision? Or a picture of what your life could look like if you were running your own business? Do you have a passion that you want to share with others? Products that you love and want to share? Products that you want but can never seem to find? If so, you can start building your own door into business ownership.

Small steps lead to big things, and dreaming about your own business is one of those first, small steps. All of the planning and work you do every day, no matter how menial it might seem, will be the things that set you up for your future. Put your best foot forward every step of the way, and one day you’ll be grateful for the solid foundation you’ve laid, and maybe even astounded by your success, by what you’ve built.

“Success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want.” – Akanksha Singh


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