Youth Entrepreneur’s Startup Shines Locally and Globally: The Success Story of Hemant Singh Rathore

The desire to create one’s own work or become an employer rather than seeking employment is gaining momentum among the city’s youth. Many young people in the city have established such ventures that not only make them owners but also provide employment to others. The world of startups is as glamorous as it seems, but it also requires a lot of hard work. Hemant Singh Rathore, a youth from Kota, started a company called “Device Doctor India,” which is not only operating in the country but also working internationally.


Device Doctor India: Empowering Businesses with Cutting-Edge IT Solutions and Digital Expertise

Hemant Singh Rathore, after completing his MCA, started the startup “Device Doctor India” along with his work in IT solutions. Their expertise lies in software, web and mobile app development, and digital marketing services. They have a team of experts in the latest innovative technologies capable of providing excellent solutions for their clients’ extensive business needs. They are associated with the Haryana Government, the Indian Army, the Haryana Granth Academy, and MyShujaa in Canada, among others.


They handle the software maintenance and data protection of the Army School’s website. They also created a brand called “Bharat Village Bazaar” in collaboration with the Haryana Government, which digitizes the work of farmers and provides them with an online platform similar to e-commerce to sell their crops. They also developed a verification software for teachers in the Haryana Government, along with a fingerprint scanner device.


Hemant Singh Rathore’s clients are spread across the world, including Germany, France, and the USA. They have even created Bitcoin and Alienium Bitcoin through their company. Hemant Singh has provided employment to over 150 individuals and has been working in this industry for the past six years.


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