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The Good Store is an e-commerce platform designed specifically for growing retail and wholesale companies, offering the perfect tailormade online sales channel equipped with the most advanced tools to deliver a truly exceptional customer experience to clients.


How it works

The Good Store offers a service to Customer Companies called Onboarding, which involves 5 phases of developing an Online Store that is customized to the Client’s needs. This process ensures that the Customer’s Online Store will be ready to operate in as little as 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the solution developed. After the Online Store is created and developed, The Good Store team provides ongoing support services. These services include hosting the solution on servers, maintaining security, updating the Online Store, and assisting with any issues that may arise during use. The Good Store platform provides a complete and personalized solution for managing online commerce, including tools for stock management, order processing, campaign and coupon management, and more. This platform helps Companies become more competitive by offering a modern omnichannel sales channel that provides customers with a fast and personalized shopping experience.


Company Story

The founders started their careers as freelancers in the area of software development. At the time, Eloisa was in charge of UX/UI Design, and Fernando was in charge of Programming. Over time, new projects emerged, and with them, the need to create a company, and so they did in 2020. This decision allowed the founders to grow and hire other people willing to collaborate with the purpose of creating customized Software Solutions to help companies in the process of growth and optimization of resources: and thus, Atelier de Software was born. In 2021, Atelier de Software was challenged to create an online store integrated with billing software and the necessary tools to improve the operations of one of its clients. From this challenge was born the idea of creating an e-commerce platform that would allow the creation of online stores to help more companies worldwide with the same need: to have an online store tailored and integrated with their business processes. That’s how The Good Store came about. In 2022, founder Eloisa participated and was one of the 2nd Edition of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Portugal Program winners.


Our People

The Founders : Eloisa and Fernando are two entrepreneurs passionate with the mission of making the world a better place. Both studied at Instituto Superior Técnico and decided to pursue freelance careers in software development. Eloisa specialized in UX/UI Design while Fernando focused on programming. While working with different companies, they explored various business ideas, one of which was Photobond – a platform that connected brides and photographers and used facial recognition to share and discover event photographs. However, with the pandemic, they put Photobond on hold and launched Negócios Locais in March 2020 – a free directory aimed at helping people identify local businesses that were open during the pandemic. Later that year, in October 2020, they founded Atelier de Software. The duo was invited to participate in a social program called Bytes4Future in 2021 where they taught programming and UX/UI design to around 100 underprivileged youths in the Sintra area.

The Team: In 2020, Rita began working with Atelier de Software to manage their social media and digital marketing strategies. Two years later, in 2022, Diogo and Rafael joined the team as programmers to assist in software development. The team’s expertise lies in providing custom ecommerce solution development services to expanding businesses, enabling them to establish and sustain their online stores while streamlining their operations.


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