Dreams Do Come True But They Require Hard Work And The Courage To Keep The Dream Alive.

Never give up because you can achieve anything if you have a burning desire. Young believers in the power of hard work & determination may feel inspired by the amazing story of Mr. Ravi patidar story of a middle-class village boy who turns into a successful tech entrepreneur with his hard work and persistence.

He knew from childhood that he had to do something for people that would positively affect them. He joined a corporate job after his graduation. During the 2 years of the job, his conscience did not testify that he was feeling good about this job. He remembered his childhood dream which was related to change in people’s lives. With this thought in mind, Mr. Ravi tried in different fields and he was unsuccessful every time.

Eventually, he decided to set up it company with his friend. Ravi knew that in today’s time, the field of it is at the peak of development and it will play an important role in the ease of people’s lives, employment generation, and social change.

 With this goal, he along with his friend established it company nexan it tech solution in 2018 in Ujjain city which provides various custom services to its clients all over India. He fell in love with marketing and business development, his company did 65 lakh sales.

From 2018 to 2020, through this company, he completed many projects and provided his services, but like various other companies, this company was also negatively affected by the lockdown of COVID-19. In which the employment of many people in his company was snatched and the company was almost closed.

 In this difficult time of lockdown, Ravi did not give up, but after seeing the importance of the IT field more closely. He alone started cherishing his shattered dream again and restart his company in 2021.

Today his company received the Certified Google Partner Agency Award and is now the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in Ujjain, which provides custom services like a website, software, mobile application as well as digital marketing services.

  “The company doesn’t just build your digital solution, It builds your online brand.” 

 Today this company has 75 new clients which are not only from India but also from the international level. He has conducted more than 10 workshops in various colleges and universities in India and has trained more than 4000 children.

Ravi and his team member didn’t just stop here, today he teaches Digital Marketing related education to students for free and more than 30 students get placed in good companies. Ravi continuously strives towards his goal with the desire to do something better than yesterday for people and himself.

“गिरना भी अच्छा है,

औकात का पता चलता है…

बढ़ते हैं जब हाथ उठाने को…

अपनों का पता चलता है!

जिन्हे गुस्सा आता है,

वो लोग सच्चे होते हैं,

मैंने झूठों को अक्सर

मुस्कुराते हुए देखा है…

सीख रहा हूँ मैं भी,

मनुष्यों को पढ़ने का हुनर,

सुना है चेहरे पे…

किताबो से ज्यादा लिखा होता है…!”

Name: Ravi

Mobiole No.: 7400914865

Email: teamnexan@gmail.com

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