Story Behind Formation Of NEA GROUP OF GLOBAL GIANTS

My name is Jacob Micah. I am one of the founders at NEA GROUP OF GLOBAL GIANTS which was formed in July 2022. I am an alumni of the ALX programme that was the second after the ALX Pioneering team in Kenya. I benefited so much from the Entrepreneurship Content which taught me how to manage teams and grow my Vision. I interacted with Fred Swaniker on one of the sessions at the ALX offices by then at Pine Tree Plaza in Kilimani. This is when the belief that I could form a Company came into existence. Not only did Fred challenge me to think hard but he also promised to be a lifelong Coach through the programmes that he was going to line up for us as young leaders. In one of the Events, he took us out to Westlands Nairobi for some Coffee and a Conversation with CEO Mworia and Julie Gichuru. In that Room, he talked to us about his new idea about the ROOM. This is when I knew that Fred was not joking about his vision of raising leaders for Africa. I decided to learn much from him.


NEA GLOBAL: A Journey of Collaboration and Innovation

As I was co founding the NEA GLOBAL organization, I happened to be nominated as an Exemplary Fellow to pick up the role of an early adopter in the Fellows Portal. The portal had many nationalities and this was a plus for me, since I was looking upon forming a team. I went to the portal and networked and came up with about 30 plus individuals who were willing to help me out to brainstorm on my vision idea. And this was not just a team but a team of experts in their fields. They came from Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Malawi. We formed departments to help them do their best. This team became Our First Founding Team. They ranged from Technology, Virtual Assistants, Designers and many more. We were able to come up with our First Product which was a Book called the LEADERSHIP PATHFINDER. The Team also helped to brainstorm on the technology of the organization.


Positive Disruption

The Passion behind forming NEA GLOBAL GROUP was of disrupting the systems in Education, Entrepreneurship and Governance to form the best products. It was to revolutionize the dynamics of how to identify and how to access impactful and high-quality opportunities for our customers who are key players in education, governance and Entrepreneurship by giving market aligned solutions to the challenges faced in the 3 ecosystems. It also was to connect the clients in  the three niches to a sort of framework, so that their access was to depend on their aptitude and mindset while keeping accessibility at the core, which happens when we build support systems that enhance quality and excellence in Society resulting in achieving the threshold of acquiring high quality opportunities. Finally it was to create products that are missing for our key players in the 3 areas of interest. This can be summed up as Positive disrupting, Systemizing and Productizing.


NEA GGG was to be formed to identify gaps in the sectors of Education, Entrepreneurship and Governance. After that, to co-create solutions with and besides the  systems of stakeholders in the 3 Sectors by disrupting their  Current Systems in place, providing missing products or building new well equipped Support systems to bring top notch excellence in the delivery aspects, which makes our clients achieve the threshold of acquiring high quality opportunities.

We were to embark on a journey to have these three issues addressed by its vision of Existence. By working on the 3 categories, NEA GGG was to solve 70% of Africa’s problems that fall in these 3 categories.


LinkedIn: Jacob Ongong’a


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