From Accountant to Entrepreneur: A Journey of Success

Abhishek Nathani’s inspiring journey from accountant to successful entrepreneur showcases the power of perseverance and passion. After completing his MBA, he started his career in finance but soon realized his true calling lay in entrepreneurship.


Switching gears in 2004, Abhishek embraced the world of finance and insurance, becoming an esteemed Insurance Advisor and Mutual Fund Advisor. His dedication and financial acumen earned him recognition in the Million Dollar Round Table.


In 2006, he joined Kotak Life Insurance, where his leadership skills led to rapid promotions, culminating in the role of Assistant Branch Manager. Despite his success, Abhishek couldn’t ignore his entrepreneurial drive.


In 2009, he took an overseas opportunity with the Tolaram Group in Nigeria, broadening his horizons as a Logistics Manager at Multipro Consumer Products Ltd. He continued his education, obtaining an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain in 2014.


Returning to Jaipur in 2016, Abhishek decided to venture into the garments manufacturing industry. He founded KIZI APPARELS PVT LTD, utilizing his financial expertise and logistics knowledge to establish a successful enterprise.


With relentless commitment to quality, KIZI APPARELS PVT LTD garnered orders from renowned brands, propelling Abhishek’s business to new heights. Recognizing the potential of the D2C market, he launched his own eCommerce website,, introducing two premium brands: “Anutarra” for ethnic wear and “Kizi” for contemporary fashion.


The transition to D2C marked a significant milestone, showcasing Abhishek’s marketing expertise and commitment to excellence. His journey continues to be one of growth and expansion, inspiring countless others to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.


Abhishek Nathani’s story exemplifies the spirit of innovation and resilience, proving that with determination and the right skills, success is within reach for those who dare to dream.


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