Kanzah Rao | KMS Creatives | Crafting Success: The Inspiring Journey of KMS Creatives

In the heart of Pakistan, where creativity knows no bounds, three sisters embarked on a remarkable journey a decade ago. What started as a passion for artistry quickly transformed into a thriving business known today as KMS Creatives.   The initial years were nothing short of extraordinary. With unwavering dedication, these talented artisans brought their … Read more

Montasser Chebbah | Onlyfounders | Pioneering the Future of Entrepreneurship: CEO of OnlyFounders

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, Montasser Chebbah stands as a shining example of ambition, innovation, and dedication. From his early days as a startup enthusiast to his current role as the CEO of OnlyFounders, Montasser’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring.   A Lifelong Entrepreneur Montasser’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited at a young age. … Read more

Aaditya Patidar | MMP Company | Remarkable Journey: From a Teenage Visionary to Empowering Global Success in IT Solutions

In the heart of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, a remarkable story of determination, perseverance, and success is unfolding at MMP IT Solutions. The driving force behind this thriving IT company is none other than its founder, Aaditya Patidar, who embarked on this incredible journey at the tender age of 17. Today, with over 100 clients worldwide, … Read more

Utkarsh Khandelwal | Infloso | – The future in AI driven marketing & creator economy

The creator economy and AI economy have been booming and growing at unprecendented pace. Every brand wants to wagon their products and services on creator’s wide influence amongst their audiences.   If you are not creating content today around your brand, you will become irrelevant. Everybody either consume or create content. says Utkarsh Khandelwal – … Read more

Karan Atodaria | Seedtree | Architect of Innovation in the Construction Industry

In 2016, I embarked on a transformative journey, leaving my job as an architect after gaining 5 years of invaluable experience. Driven by a visionary spirit, I set out to realize my dream of establishing an MNC in the construction industry, offering a comprehensive range of in-house services, from architecture to structural engineering, MEP, and … Read more

Pina | Matshapa-A-Botshelo | The Remarkable Journey of Matshapa-A-Botshelo (MAB)

Personal Journey  Matshapa-A-Botshelo (MAB’s) journey dates back to 2010 as the brainchild of Pinagare Mogodi (“Pina”). Pina Is co-founder and Managing director of MAB. What started as a humble building block, has now become a powerful brand that has created a number of milestones in its areas of operation. He founded the company in 2010, … Read more

Vadym Sadovskyi | Savarian | Leading Savarian.tech to Success in the World of Software Testing

Born and raised in Ukraine, Vadym’s journey into the world of technology and entrepreneurship is an inspiring testament to vision and resilience. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Savarian.tech, Vadym has not only navigated the challenges of the IT landscape but has also emerged as a guiding light, leading his team to remarkable achievements.   … Read more

From content creation Sensation to Tech Pioneer: The Joys Technology journey

In the dynamic realm of digital innovation, where creativity meets technology, Joys Technology has emerged as a pioneering force. Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Sojal Ahmed, Joys Technology stands at the forefront of digital transformation, offering a diverse range of services that elevate brands to new heights in the digital landscape. From creative video editing … Read more

The Inspiring Journey of Poorva Shrivastava

Breaking Barriers in EdTech​ From her early days as a school teacher to founding one of the fastest-growing EdTech platforms, Poorva Shrivastava’s journey is a testament to her passion for education and her belief in the transformative power of technology.​   Here’s a glimpse of her story Poorva Shrivastava began her career in a small-town classroom, where … Read more

Launch of new era in online learning “Cyton”

Cyton: Unleashing Knowledge, Empowering Minds In the bustling realm of modern education, Naveen D Silva, a dynamic graduate student with an insatiable passion for teaching, takes a bold leap into uncharted territory. With a vision fueled by innovation and a heart set on nurturing young minds, Naveen introduces “Cyton,” a groundbreaking E-Learning platform tailored to … Read more

Championing Inclusion and Empowerment: The Inspiring Journey of a Social Entrepreneur

In an era defined by rapid technological evolution, economic dynamics, and societal changes, Arjun Mishra stands as a guiding light, a harbinger of change who has harnessed the might of innovation to drive an agenda of true inclusivity. As the co-founder of Nabet India, Arjun Mishra’s unwavering dedication over the past 13 years has wrought … Read more

Revolutionizing Entrepreneurial Legalities: Meet the founder of Dastawezz Making Legal Hassles a Thing of the Past

“I started reaching out to my older contacts and explained to them what I wanted to do. That’s how I built a network of lawyers from different specialist areas, law firms, individual practitioners, etc.,” Says Shivanjali. As a law student, when Shivanjali Malik interned with big lawyers and law firms, she felt a glaring gap … Read more

Better Late then Never – Shankar Bharadwaj

Self made man comes with hard work and passion. Hard work is outer strength however, passion is inner strength.   Entering into hospitality was by chance late 70’s post graduation. But the hotel bug caught me and the seed to passion was sowed in me. Taj Mahal hotel Colaba Mumbai a temple of work and … Read more