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Personal Journey 

Matshapa-A-Botshelo (MAB’s) journey dates back to 2010 as the brainchild of Pinagare Mogodi (“Pina”). Pina Is co-founder and Managing director of MAB. What started as a humble building block, has now become a powerful brand that has created a number of milestones in its areas of operation. He founded the company in 2010, having come from a long history of construction, mining and trucking projects background within his family in North West. He expanded this into a well-established mining and construction company which now boasts a management team with over 60 years’ collective experience in the industry. 


He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Management from Eduvos( Institute). He has completed a Project Management and Pastel Accounting-short course and has a certificate in Tactics: Strategic Planning and Management. He started the company in 2010 during his second year of university. Pinagare has 13 years of experience in the construction, mining, and financial management field, in 2013 he took a decision to pursue his dream which was to run his own company and as the only son and raised by a single parent he looked forward in nullifying Financial constrains in the family He has successfully Managed & Executed various projects that have given the company a distinguished reputation. 


Pinagare – “Being a young black Entrepreneur especially in the mining industry is wild sometimes. You walk into one room and they’re singing your praises, the next room they see you, but want you to work within an inch of your life to prove you deserve to be there, the next room you’re just invisible no matter what you do. And while I’ve grounded myself in a sense of confidence and worth no matter where I am, it’s also disturbing & heartbreaking that I don’t always know which room I’m in until it’s too late. 


I have learned to be kind to myself, especially when you feel bad. Learning how to fail without hating yourself in the process is probably the best business skill anyone could ever learn, in addition to being one of the most important life skills. Do I regret following my dreams? Hell no. I made a choice to basically constantly be uncomfortable so I can live a rewarding life. To always evolve, learn, explore, exist fully. But I’m also not going to pretend that this isn’t hard work. It’s a hard luxury. It’s my chosen challenge. There’s beauty in giving your story YEARS to develop and flourish. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time to finish something or be good at it. Cherish where you are.


Pinagare Mogodi: A Journey of Resilience and Success in the Mining Industry

Matsapa-A-Botshelo’s story Matsapa-A-Botshelo (M.AB) a 100% black owned company that was established in April 2010, with its main objective being to curb the high rate of employment in the Metropolitan Region of the City of Tshwane. MAB is a close corporation company which started as construction company than later in the years added to its portfolio mining and trucking department in 2016. What started as a humble building block, has now become a powerful brand that has created several milestones in its areas of operation. 


Pinagare Mogodi

MAB is the medium supplier of coal domestically and international. MAB is becoming of the country’s largest emerging coal exporters of thermal coal in South Africa, exporting coal countries such as India, China, Hong Kong and Israel. It is estimated that MAB will produce 36MMT (Millions) tons of coal by 2028. We are the most diversified multiproduct producer. i.e. sized product at mine/DMS Wash plant level and export product mix at Richards bay MPT & RBCT. 


Our newest largest contract that we have recently acquired is coal export 5 year contract, 150 000 tons with three different clients with our strategical partners being Clarksons, one of the world’s biggest shipping services provider. Clarksons offers strategic maritime consultancy and shipping solutions in 23 countries. 


Our construction project value since 2010 is estimated at 2,5Billion. We are growing & improving our development portfolio and Construction Department. We currently have contracted 688 Trucks working under MAB as SubContractors and an additional 150 trucks leased and working directly under the company. 


MAB has since grown to become one of the largest black-empowered and diversified Construction and mining companies in South Africa. The company operates facilities and offices in South Africa with acquisitions in other African countries when it comes to mining, with a market capitalisation of R5,3 billion and terminal value of R12,9 billion.


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