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Ghazal Alagh, a successful entrepreneur, co-founded MamaEarth, a Rs 9800 crore company, with her husband. MamaEarth specializes in eco-friendly personal hygiene items for moms and newborns, emphasizing organic components and recyclable packaging.



Ghazal’s journey began in Gurgaon, Haryana, where she grew up in a middle-class family. Graduated in computer application from Punjab University in 2010. Pursued design and fine arts courses at the New York Academy of Art in 2013.


Starting MamaEarth

In 2016, Ghazal and her husband, Varun, launched MamaEarth as they prepared for parenthood. The couple, unable to find safe products for their child, identified a gap in the market and decided to create a solution. MamaEarth became Asia’s first brand with the MadeSafe label, ensuring 100% toxin-free and natural baby care products.


Business Growth

MamaEarth started with a modest investment of Rs 25 lakh and has grown into a Rs 9800 crore company. The company, initially focused on online strategies, expanded its reach to offline markets. MamaEarth achieved unicorn status, valued at $1.2 billion, serving over 5 million customers across 500 cities.


Ghazal Alagh’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Born on September 2, 1988, Ghazal faced initial challenges with her first startup,, and later founded Being Artsy, an art studio. The turning point came when Ghazal and Varun couldn’t find suitable products for their son’s skin condition, leading to the creation of MamaEarth. Ghazal oversees product development and community management at MamaEarth.


Achievements and Recognition

MamaEarth received the Best Brand of the Year award in 2018-2019. Ghazal Alagh, among the top 10 women artists in India, has received recognition for her artwork nationally and internationally. The couple welcomed their second child, Ayan, in March 2022.


Lessons Learned

Ghazal’s passion, determination, and hard work serve as an inspiration. MamaEarth’s success underscores the importance of following one’s dreams and persevering through challenges. The couple’s commitment to delivering safe, toxin-free products reflects their dedication to helping mothers facing similar issues.


Recent Updates and Future Vision

Ghazal Alagh, in a recent interview, discussed challenges before co-founding MamaEarth. MamaEarth’s unicorn status was celebrated not with festivities but a focus on natural company growth. Ghazal supports women-led businesses, with 90% of her investment portfolios dedicated to such enterprises. She aims to mentor the women of today’s generation, emphasizing authenticity and dedication.


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