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In a world driven by connections, Anupam Mittal stands as a testament to the power of bridging hearts and business ventures. At 39, the self-proclaimed “explorer, entrepreneur, and eternal optimist” is the founder and CEO of, a pioneering online matrimonial service that has not only transformed the landscape of matchmaking but has also become a global success story.


The Matchmaker’s Odyssey

Anupam’s journey began in the mid-1990s when the Internet was still finding its footing. Living in the U.S., he was inspired by the technological boom and the potential it held. The spark of innovation ignited when, during a visit to India, Anupam encountered a traditional matchmaker in his father’s office. This encounter planted the seed for an idea that would redefine how people find their life partners.


In 1997, Anupam launched the first version of his experiment,, focusing on web development alongside his full-time job. The vision was clear – leverage the Internet to eliminate inefficiencies in matchmaking, transcending geographical and spatial limitations. The experiment evolved into in 2001, marking the beginning of a revolutionary approach to finding love.


Challenges and Triumphs

Anupam’s path was riddled with challenges. In the early 2000s, when Internet access in India was limited, understanding the concept of online matchmaking posed a significant hurdle. Cultural barriers and skepticism were omnipresent, with many questioning the need to go online to find a life partner. Yet, Anupam persevered.


The entrepreneurial spirit within Anupam led him to address challenges head-on. By 2006, had become a substantial player in the Indian matchmaking business, attracting investments from Sequoia, Silicon Valley Bank, and Intel. The revenue model, he explained, was straightforward – the site is free until a potential match is found, and only then a moderate fee is charged.

A Vision Beyond Matrimony

Anupam’s ambitions extend beyond matchmaking. He dreams of facilitating 1,000 connections daily and has successfully expanded’s services to various platforms, including mobile, television, and DTH. The introduction of Shaadi Centers, brick-and-mortar establishments, aimed to bridge the gap for those less comfortable with technology, showcasing Anupam’s commitment to inclusivity.


Diversification and Social Impact

Beyond, Anupam ventured into other successful domains, launching and These moves were strategic, driven by a desire to explore opportunities and de-risk in a rapidly changing landscape. His foray into mobile Internet usage with and the potential of the online real estate space with showcased his knack for identifying trends.


Anupam’s impact is not just confined to business success. His commitment to social change earned him the Karmaveer Puraskar, recognizing his efforts in the “Entrepreneur for Social Change” category. Awards aside, Anupam finds fulfillment in the stories of individuals who discovered companionship through


Legacy Beyond Matrimony

Anupam’s influence extends beyond the realm of matchmaking. He’s a prominent figure in the startup ecosystem, participating as an investor in over 250 startups. His appearances on Shark Tank India, where he invested thoughtfully and patiently, showcased his acumen and passion for fostering entrepreneurship.


Anupam Mittal’s story is one of vision, resilience, and the transformative power of connecting people. From disrupting the traditional norms of matchmaking to shaping the landscape of online businesses, he continues to be an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, proving that success is not just about finding the right match but also about creating enduring connections in the business world.


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